Good Evening, Was about to go to bed but had to stop and write this down before I got head down & butt up with my life in the morning. It has been my experience that General Practitioners are Pill Pimps. They have no curiousity regarding our wellness except as it relates to our symptoms and the pills that will keep us coming back to them for more... Unpaid by the big Pharmaceutical companies - maybe - but certainly would be out of a job if they couldn't prescribe pills. They have no sense of solving our problems.
No desire to solve the mysteries that plague us. Except to prescribe more pills, pat our backs and hustle to the next "patient". You see, their income is directly related to the number of people they see. They don't get a "Report Card" regarding cures. How much money they make is their report card. Some of them have charming; Norman Rockwell type demeanors. If you want a "diagnosis" they'll peruse the internet on their portable laptop right in front of you until something seems to fit.
Tell you it's incurable. And there's your diagnosis. Happened to me recently. Even most specialists specialize in throwing pills & creams at your problems. A recent visit to a dermatoligist: "Well it's not that." (Had heard that before from another derm). When I asked her what it was, <a href="">c.0.c.k</a> she said: "We don't diagnose." For real. My son's life force is ebbing away. My husband and I & his wife went with him today for his brain scan/MRI. Michael is 43.
Somehow he is able to work. He is too tired & in too much pain to even take care of basics like shaving, washing his hair, etc. His walk is the shuffle of a very old & infirm man. He is so very thin. But thanks to my sister, Barbara (works in the Houston Med Center), he has found doctors (specialists) who are invested in not only saving his life but also in solving the mystery of what is shutting him down. So he can have a life once they've saved him. And I thank God for the miracle of finding dr.s who actually care about curing him.
So somehow, realizing that there are doctors like this somehow got me all stirred up. Yes there is hope. Tiny hope. Tiny percentage of doctors who are fixer-uppers. Huge percentage of doctors who "bandage" the problem with pills. The problems with our healthcare system won't go away OR be solved whether or not we have national healthcare. The system in general is broken. Because the people who are supposed to take care of us are merely enabling us to be pill/drug addicted.
And that's the way I see it. All love in peace, Diana Diamonds