Since 2017 <a title="" href=""></a> , the NFL has embraced player celebrations, ending decades of No Fun League attitude and turning it into a marketing ploy. But there’s still a glitch or two that the league needs to iron out.The biggest comes in the shape of a large red kettle that the Cowboys put in their end zone every Thanksgiving, leaving it there through the end of the regular season to promote the efforts of the Salvation Army to raise money for the less fortunate. Though the kettle is clearly part of the field, the NFL has fined Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott for depositing $21 into the kettle following a touchdown, and for later depositing quarterback Dak Prescott into it. (Prescott got a warning letter for his involvement in the stunt.)Contrast that with 2016, when Elliott jumped into the kettle but didn’t receive a fine — even though the league had yet to change the rules to promote celebrations.Technically <a title="New Orleans Saints T-Shirt" href="">New Orleans Saints T-Shirt</a> , yes, the use of the kettle as a prop violates the language of the rulebook, since only the ball can be used as a prop when celebrating. So why not change the rule?More importantly, what’s the reason for not changing the rule? There’s nothing about putting cash or teammates in the kettle that creates animosity between teams or otherwise sends a message that the league shouldn’t want to send. Instead, it promotes giving to the cause the Cowboys embraced years ago, with the kettle now in its 21st year of on-field use.Hell <a title="New Orleans Saints Hats" href="">New Orleans Saints Hats</a> , why not put a kettle in every end zone at every stadium, space permitting? If the NFL wants a free and easy way to be a responsible corporate citizen, the active incorporation of the Salvation Army kettle into touchdown celebrations at every NFL venue would do the trick.At a minimum, let players who play in Dallas have some fun with the kettle, including the players from the visiting team.聽Saints cornerback Marshon Lattimore produced $23 from his pants last Thursday and dropped it into the kettle. Hopefully, he won’t be fined for it. Saints Hall of Fame linebacker Rickey Jackson is recovering after surgery Wednesday to relieve pressure on his brain.Via Mike Triplett of <a title="New Orleans Saints Womens Hoodie" href="">New Orleans Saints Womens Hoodie</a> , the 60-year-old Jackson had suffered a recent fall and a subdural hematoma, and the procedure was done to drain the blood from the area and reduce the pressure.“He is resting comfortably, very alert and talking like himself with nurses, doctors and all around him,” his daughter Rickeyah told Ken Trahan of the New Orleans Saints’ Hall of Fame. “I want to stress that he is doing fine and that any reports otherwise simply are not accurate. . . .“One thing led to another from the fall. He is not walking around yet, but he is doing well. We are told that in a few days <a title="Womens Customized New Orleans Saints Jerseys" href="">Womens Customized New Orleans Saints Jerseys</a> , we should have him back home. They had to drain it and relieve the pressure. The doctors said it was a routine procedure to lighten it. Despite what others may say or think, it has nothing to do with football or nothing to do with his cancer.”Jackson had prostate cancer surgery in 2015 but has been cancer-free since.He spent 13 years with the Saints and was part of their “Dome Patrol” linebacker corps which included Sam Mills, Pat Swilling, and Vaughn Johnson. Jackson played his final two years with the 49ers and won a Super Bowl. He finished with 128.0 sacks, and was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2010. <a title="" href=""></a>