Jason McCourty agrees to a restructured deal to remain with the Patriots Amid the flurry of Tuesday morning’s roster activity was the news that <a title="Youth Tom Brady Jersey" href="http://www.thepatriotsfootballauthentic.com/tom-brady-jersey-authentic">Youth Tom Brady Jersey</a> , according to ESPN’s Mike Reiss, the Patriots and Jason McCourty reached an agreement to restructure the defensive back’s 2018 contract prior to Sunday’s victory in Foxborough.Here’s how Jason McCourty’s deal now breaks down on the team’s salary cap sheet:2018 salary: $1,600,0002018 roster bonus: $375,000 (already paid)Per-game bonuses: $350,000 ($400,000 “LTBE” for 14 games)“LTBE” Incentives: $1,000,000Offseason workout bonus: $7,095Total 2018 cap figure: $3,332,095Because McCourty played in 84.18% of the Browns’ defensive snaps a year ago <a title="http://www.thepatriotsfootballauthentic.com/shaq-mason-jersey-authentic" href="http://www.thepatriotsfootballauthentic.com/shaq-mason-jersey-authentic">http://www.thepatriotsfootballauthentic.com/shaq-mason-jersey-authentic</a> , the $1,000,000 playing time incentives will be considered likely to be earned (LTBE), increasing his 2018 cap figure by $356,250. In turn, the restructure will cost the Patriots that amount in 2018 cap space — a figure that could increase by $50,000 if he is active for all 16 regular season games this year.Why would the team agree to a restructure that would cost them cap space — particularly with a player who was perceived to be on the roster bubble coming out of camp? It’s simple, really. The team clearly sees the value in having McCourty provide depth at multiple positions in the secondary, while also contributing on special teams. However, his contract just wasn’t commensurate with that type of role. In reality, the agreement is a player pay cut of which the salary cap benefits for the organization are deferred. Barring an epidemic of injuries to the team’s secondary, McCourty will not come close to earning much <a title="Womens Cordarrelle Patterson Jersey" href="http://www.thepatriotsfootballauthentic.com/cordarrelle-patterson-jersey-authentic">Womens Cordarrelle Patterson Jersey</a> , if not all, of the playing time incentives — as evidence by his 6 defensive snaps played against the Texans. Any unearned incentive cash, as well as any unpaid per-game bonus money, will be credited to the team’s 2019 adjusted cap figure.McCourty — an NFL veteran playing in his 10th season — is clearly happy with an opportunity for a spot on a roster where he can chase a Super Bowl victory alongside his twin brother. Were he not to agree to the pay cut, he likely would have been released, leaving him with the improbability of receiving comparable compensation on the open market for his services.Coupled with the signings of wide receivers Corey Coleman and Bennie Fowler on Tuesday, the Patriots’ 2018 cap space figure currently sits around $4.8 million.Follow Brian Phillips on Twitter @BPhillips_SB [An earlier version of this article mistakenly had three ineligible players listed]Now that the Patriots have designated Duke Dawson to come back from injured reserve, it leaves them one spot to bring someone else back. They need to think long and hard about who they designate to come back. You don’t want what happened last year, when neither player they activated played a snap, to happen again. The Patriots have some talented players on IR, at some positions of need, that could potentially help the team moving forward. Let’s take a look at who the Patriots have the option of bringing back.Ja’Whaun BentleyBentley started the season at middle linebacker. It’s rare for a rookie linebacker to start right out of the gate for a Belichick coached team <a title="http://www.thepatriotsfootballauthentic.com/kyle-van-noy-jersey-authentic" href="http://www.thepatriotsfootballauthentic.com/kyle-van-noy-jersey-authentic">http://www.thepatriotsfootballauthentic.com/kyle-van-noy-jersey-authentic</a> , but Bentley played with great instincts, and, although his testing wasn’t great, good game speed. Although the Patriots have not said Bentley is done for the year, and he is eligible to be return from IR, it seems unlikely that he will come back. Hopefully he will come back healthy next year and once again be a playmaker for this team. Rex BurkheadFrom the outside, Burkhead seems like the perfect candidate to come off IR. He is at a position of need for the Patriots, and can be a playmaker when on the field. However, he has really struggled to stay healthy, and may not be ready to come back from his injuries. His neck is the primary concern, but he also have dealt with some concussions, which could certainly be problematic. If I were putting odds on it <a title="http://www.thepatriotsfootballauthentic.com/ryan-allen-jersey-authentic" href="http://www.thepatriotsfootballauthentic.com/ryan-allen-jersey-authentic">http://www.thepatriotsfootballauthentic.com/ryan-allen-jersey-authentic</a> , however, I would put Burkhead near the top of the list of players who could come back this season.Eric RoweThe newest addition to the IR does have the ability to come back for the playoffs. Rowe was put on IR with a groin injury, and, depending on how the rest of the corners play in his absence, and if there’s any more injuries, he could potentially come back. It doesn’t seem overly likely that he will, but it is an option for them. I think there are other players who make more sense than him, especially with the depth the Patriots have at corner, but, if no one else can get healthy, he would be a good addition to the secondary for the playoffs.Pat is the host of the Patriot Nation PodcastInteract with him on Twitter @plane_pats