It’s early [url=]Tampa Bay Buccaneers Hats[/url] ,last season The fourth and final preseason game is officially in the books, as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost to the Jacksonville Jaguars 25-10. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see Jalen Ramsey matchup against Mike Evans, but we saw other players fighting for jobs.The Buccaneers finished 2-2 this preseason and just by the eye test have looked much better than they did this time last year. One thing that I have noticed throughout the preseason has been that overall, the Buccaneers special teams were performing much better. During the regular season last year, Tampa Bay was consistently terrible on special teams. From kickoffs, to field goals [url=]Tampa Bay Buccaneers Hoodie[/url] , to kick coverage, it was all wildly inconsistent.Part of the problem was that their kickers last year, both Nick Folk and Patrick Murray didn’t have the leg power to get touchbacks or put the opposing team in difficult situations. In fact, Tampa Bay ranked 31st in the league in touchbacks with only 27 last season. With new kicker Chandler Catanzaro handling kicker duties, in the previous three games this preseason, the Buccaneers were tied for first with 11 touchbacks.Heading into Thursday night’s game, Buccaneer opponents had returned the ball on seven separate occasions this preseason and Tampa Bay has handled all of them considerably well. The team ranked fifth in average return yards allowed with 27.4. Again [url=]Youth Customized Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jerseys[/url] , it’s a subtle thing, but special teams are extremely important in this league and can often win and losefootball games. The field goal kicking situation is still to be determined, but add in the Adam Humphries 109 yard return and I think the Buccaneers have shown signs of a strong special teams unit all around. Well, if anyone picked the Packers-Vikings tie, then kudos to you.I guarantee no one in their right mind would’ve guessed that was going to happen - but as always, the season must go on and more picks must be made.Before we give out this week’s picks, let’s recap and preview the most recent action.An “A” for effort: Kyle Marks attempted to gain a couple spots on the lead [url=][/url] , but failed to do so while picking the Browns and the Lions to win when no one else picked them.Another first place tie: James Yarcho and Jon Marchant were able to catch up to Evan Winter and now both all three are tied for first place.Nailed it AGAIN: The staff went 2-0 with unanimous picks. We are now 6-0 on the season when we all agree on a winner.Toss-ups are well, toss-ups: Teams that were picked to win by a (5-4) margin went 2-3 last weekWeek 3 lone wolves: There are a few branching off from the pack this week. Evan Winter is all by himself after picking the Colts over the Eagles, James Yarcho takes the Jets over the Browns, Kyle Marks takes the 49ers over the Chiefs and the Giants over the Texans, Alex Salvarezza takes the Falcons over the Saints, and Dustin Lewis takes the Redskins over the Packers.Week 3 unanimous picks: The Vikings, Patriots [url=]Tampa Bay Buccaneers Womens T-Shirt[/url] , Jags, and Bears were all picked to win by the entire staff. Week 3 toss ups: The Raiders at Dolphins, the Bengals at Panthers, the Broncos at Ravens, the Cowboys at Seahawks, and the Steelers at Bucs round out this week’s “who knows?” games.Week 3 NFL PicksBucs Nation AlexBaileyDavid DustinEvanGilJamesJonKyleBN ReadersBucs Nation AlexBaileyDavid DustinEvanGilJamesJonKyleBN Readers